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a creative exercise


I’ve always wanted to do something related to food. It’s not something I realized early on but rather as something that grew day-by-day in my gut. It’s something that I am totally crazy about. I can talk and talk non-stop about it. 

So when I was given a chance to take food photos, I immediately said yes. The photo is a 6-layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake. It’s six layers of chocolatey goodness with sweet and tart notes coming from the raspberries used in the recipe. 

This photo was taken at Sweet Kiss. It is a gourmet bakery at the heart of Quezon City. They make customized treats as well as other sweets to satisfy your craving. Follow them on Instagram @sweetkissph



It’s hard not to lose one’s self with your gaze. 



This one is definitely going into my bucketlist. 

I was lucky enough to cover the recent Ironman 70.3 event in Cebu.

Castles Made of Sand


"This picture."

How timely of me to find it while I’m in a rush to finish deadlines left and right. A moment of deja vu- this feels exactly like the last time the weather was inconsolable outside. I just had to know more about this picture. 

The 15-minute break that I planned has now officially become a 30-minute puzzle as to knowing more details about the picture. Just to set my thoughts straight, I remember finding it in one of my project folders. I just clicked it by accident and there it was, sticking out like sore thumb- a strange photo of the beach amidst excel files.

Of course I had to open it. I had to sort and transfer it back to its proper location.Upon opening, my mind just went blank. I can’t remember anything about it but it seems vaguely familiar. Apparently I’ve been photographing something similar once in a while. 

It was a few more minutes later until I realized how my subconscious, through the picture, was reminding me of a truth that I always seem forget:

"that I should treasure my dreams because they are fragile and that a light gust or small wave can slowly take it away into the sea of ambiguity."

On Elections


Yesterday, we had our mid-term elections for our local and national candidates. In hindsight, the whole electoral process felt like going on a pilgrimage- you wake up early, travel, line- up, and finally you pray.

Yes, prayer. Voting felt like prayer. 

As I shaded the ballots, it felt like my dreams were being entrusted to these names. I was of full of hope and trust that as these new officials serve my country in the next six years- our dreams, hopes, and wishes will be answered.  

And maybe it was just me, but yesterday, that was the feeling. An act of surrender, of trust, and of unwavering hope. 

I hope the feeling is mutual. 

The photo was taken at Quezon City a few hours before the Liberal Party’s big rally thingy at Amoranto. Kudos to Risa Hontiveros for waving. and yes I voted for you.

On Loneliness

"All the lonely people, where do they all come from? Where do they all belong?" -Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.image

"I know… you don’t get yourself. People say you have such a wonderful life.

Wonderful? Hrmm, that might even be an understatement. Your life is booming. You’re at the peak of everything- career, social life, and relationships. Everything in your life was going according to plan…

And yet there’s something that’s troubling you inside.

You weren’t sure what it was at first, but I can still remember that one morning, a couple of months ago, when it all began. You thought it was just one of those nasty hangovers. You being you, tried to sleep it off. You even dreamt of waking up, and that everything was normal again. 

But when you really woke up, it was still there.

It was like a small dark seed planted inside your heart that slowly gnawed at every waking moment of your existence. At first you said you were just feeling under the weather, that you had a heavy feeling in your heart that dampened everything. But as the days went by, you told me it got worse. 

I thought you were just being your adorable self- pulling lines that seemed profound out of thin air. I remembered shrugging you off. You asked me if it was possible to be alone when you were together with someone. 

The end.

Photo was taken on Snake Island, Zambales. No connection with the WIP short story at all. Cheers!

Singapore Day

A couple of months back, I was lucky enough to go to Singapore. It was a brief visit that allowed me to go around and explore the city. Because I had most of the day for myself, here were some of the things that I got to take pictures of:


I like how they have a very spacious mass transportation system that could accomodate the volume of people during rush hour.


I was walking around Bugis district when I found this building situated in the corner of Manila Street. 


Seeing this street sign makes me proud to be a Filipino.



I love how beautifully designed their bike stands are! This one is shaped like a spring and in red!

After some usual stops at my favorite hawker places and shopping areas, I walked randomly around the city and took these photos:


This place serves coffee that tastes like my favorite 3-in-one white coffee blend hehe :)



It was funny to see one shop named “porn’s.” I tried to check the place out of curiosity but it was unfortunately closed :(



After a long day of walk, I ended up in this area where they have this big Feng Shui structure called “Fountain of Wealth.” A couple of years back, I remember this place to be very populated with tourists trying out there luck by going around the fountain a couple of times to wish for fame and fortune. Now, it’s not as busy anymore and some of the establishments were not as good as I remembered it to be. 



It was a fun stay, I hope to get back here again one day to explore. 


It was once believed by the ancients that the physical and material world that we live in is a reflection of the cosmos. With all the violence and bad things the happen, it’s quite hard to believe but at this particular moment in time, as I reflected on this sight, I would like to believe what the ancients did. 

This photo was taken at a small stream at Maporac, Zambales. It is part of my first set of photographs back when I didn’t have a proper camera. Oh how I miss those days. This stream serves as a natural barrier from the developed town. Across the stream lies the land of the Aetas.  


We tend to see more than the usual when we love someone.

Love allows us to go beyond the beloved’s flaws in order to see beauty in the mundane and ordinary. It brings out in us a new way of seeing and appreciating someone as whole.

Now, imagine for a second that you’ll direct that love to your world and surroundings…

everything seems better right? 

Photo was taken at Zambales when I didn’t have a proper camera. 

On Destiny and Choice

Is Love Destiny or is it Choice? 

1. Destiny- to find you there smiling across the room.

2. Choice- when I decided to approach you and we ended up conversing all night long. 

3. Destiny- to recognize an inexplicable desire and longing for each other;

4. Choice- to stay with you every single day because of 3.


this photo was taken a few years ago at an Aeta Community in Maporac, Zambales.



Boy: Sana tayo na lang ulit? (I wish we were together again?)

Girl: Pero di mo na maibabalik ang kahapon. (But you can’t bring back yesterday)

Boy: Eh di Hihintayin ko na lang ang bukas. (Then I’ll just wait for tomorrow)

(They part ways)

I am trying to make a short story or a material about a breakup. It’s a perplexing topic and probably difficult to write but I want to flesh out this intricate topic of making choices, taking chances, and the promise that these (choices and chances) bring for tomorrow.


It’s hard to move forward while looking behind isn’t it? and yet that’s how most of us live our days. 

There’s so much to miss in life when we’re like this. 

This photo was taken at Subic more than 5 years ago with my siblings. 

On Gratitude


My choices in the past few months and Providence has led me to where I am now. It may not be the best of places, but somewhere deep down I feel and believe that I am where I ought to be at this time in my life.

I can’t help but be grateful for everything. The list of everything to be grateful for is just too many to wrote or mention. Life is good and I can’t wait for what’s to come :)

 (This picture was taken in one of the kitchens I’ve worked in. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the chef or cook. Rather, I was the amateur food stylist and photographer because I wanted to do some “art” while working. And no that is not my hand. hehe)

Mount Mayon


Sometimes, all we need is a change of perspective to help us appreciate what we already have. :)



I just felt the urge to write tonight and I find it apt to post this picture.