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The Two of Us

Whenever I think of you 
I feel closest to eternity,
I exist and you exist
That’s all that matters,
My life and your life
Merge and melt into one
Return to where they began,
All our differences disappear, 
For us everything is perfectly defined,
There’s no battle of the sexes,
There’s faith and devotion, passion and freedom,
All the facets of human beings in union,
I have faith in the way we live 
As readily as I have faith in nature
So I can look down on the ‘world’
And triumph over all its stupidities
We have risen far above it all,
I feel my pain as your pain,
My pleasure as your pleasure,
I trust you as much as I trust myself,
I see my own growth in your growth,
However fast I travel, I will never leave you behind, 
I am filled with energy
And you are glowing with youth,
You are a burning flame,
You make me feel younger
And you can always surprise me,
You are a solid rock of reality,
Your kisses moisten me,
Your embraces nourish me,
Your cool limbs
Your curvaceous body
Your glowing skin
The power of life coursing through you
This is all I need for an idyllic life, 
You trust me,
You live in me
And this makes you who you are,
We cherish life,
We’re always restless 
Pushing onwards as far as we can go 
Deepening - 
Such radiance, such happiness

This photo was taken at Midōsuji Sculpture Street, Osaka, Japan. The Sculpture was made by Kōtarō Takamura (March 13, 1883 – April 2, 1956). It is called みちのく or Michinoku. In English it means “The Deep North,” alluding to the place where the artist lived in seclusion for seven years after the death of his wife and the bombing of his studio during the war.

Michinoku was donated by Sanwa Bank, Ltd. (now Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.)  as part of Osaka’s efforts to promote culture in the city. This is one of 29 other sculptures installed by the government through the generosity of big Japanese firms along Midosuji Avenue.

There is another identical statue by Takamura called “The Maiden Statue” and is found at the shores of Lake Towada in Aomori City, Hirosaki.  These twin sculptures depict mirror images of Takamura’s wife touching each other’s palms. He often sculpted her image out of his great love and grief after her passing.

At the same time, the poem above was written by Kōtarō Takamura as part of his collection of poems dedicated to his wife Chieko Naganuma whom he loved so much.

Finally, I this poem is dedicated to you.

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