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█████████ (RA 10175)

With the passing of RA No. 10175 here in the ███████████, It’s not that fun in the  ███████████ anymore :(

Please let me express myself with a few paragraphs below:

Now, although the intention of the law and some of its points (like provisions against Child Pornography and Cybersex) are good; I think our government should take time to review provisions that cover Internet Libel and its monitoring, as it may limit or curtail our freedom of expression, communication, and privacy. 

Moreover, people should take time to read and understand this new law before irresponsibly posting, sharing, or retweeting certain “provisions” or misinterpretations that adds to the confusion and misinformation about the law.

Now I know that this post is out of character for my blog but I am really against certain points included in RA 10175. As citizens/netizens we should really take time to go through it so that we can properly express ourselves in the right medium using an informed conscience. lol.

And Finally, I urge you to go through it straight from the source. Read through RA No. 10175 HERE.

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